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about us

At Alacritas Innovations we strive for excellence in our own accuracy and precision, so why wouldn't we do that for others too. We are now on the quest to reach optimum accuracy through product innovations for you the shooter. 

With accuracy and precision at heart, we aim to deliver a complete package for all your shooting needs including hunting, target sports and competition shooting. 

Focusing on the needs of a wide range of shooters, we aim to aid highly precise shooting for all.

The current range of products have been a labour of love and frustration over the last two years, searching through current manufacturing technologies and materials, to attain what we believe to be unique and practical designs. There is a lot more to come!

The Fortis rear rest has developed through a number of solutions to the point where it is now a viable commercial product.

A Father Son duo with over 50 combined years of shooting experience, with many championships and medals, at both national and international level. Both Achille and Carl are of course still active riflemen, dotting around competition circuits for a decade and deciding the real competition is on top of a hill, in foul weather, shooting at sub half inch targets at multiple distances. This is where the Fortis came from. A need in the field.

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